We have various service plans to suit every customer's specific need.

Pure-Silver. Starting at only $59/mo:

This is our chemical only service. It includes weekly service where our well trained techs will test and adjust the chemistry of the water. We also make sure the skimmer basket and pump baskets are clear of any debris.

This particular service is designed for our potential customers who would prefer to clean the pool mostly on their own but do not like to handle the chemicals.

Pure-Gold, Starting at only $69/mo:

Our 2nd most popular service.
The Pure-Gold service plan includes:
  • Weekly service.
  • Brushing the walls, steps and floor of the pool.
  • Testing and appropriate adjustment of chemicals
  • Removal of all debris floating on the surface of the water
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets.

Pure-Platinum, Starting at only $79/mo:

Our most popular service includes everything in the Pure-Gold Package plus you get filter cleaning service as well as vacuuming service (as needed).

Our specially designed service packages meet the needs of most potential customers. However, we can customize our services to meet everyone's specific needs. Please note that the above mentioned prices are for screened in pools under 20,000 gal.